The Usual Suspects

Dark Charity

Dark Charity is owner and Chief Investigator of MacGregor Investigations. Her reputation for being able to resolve mysteries of any sort is rivaled only by the secrecy of her methods.

Quote: Do you mind terribly if I put my octopus in your lollipops?

Clever Jeanette

Dark Charity's daughter Clever Jeanette is...well...clever. No matter how dire the situation, she always has a plan.

Quote: I'm not the sidekick.

Sheets McGee

Sheets McGee's underworld connections come in handy. He's always willing to help out...for a price.

Quote: Just call me Sheets McGreed.

The Ghost

The Ghost causes a great deal of mischief, and is the one spirit Clever Jeanette has not be able to banish. Although annoying, she can sometimes prove useful.

Quote: oooOOOOOoooo!